David Rocastle

Copic Markers on Bristol Board | 11.7″ × 16.5″ | 2017

David Carlyle Rocastle (2 May 1967 – 31 March 2001) was an English professional footballer, who played in the position of a midfielder wherein the role as a playmaker as well as at times a winger.

He spent the majority’s of his career at Arsenal where he was nicknamed “Rocky”. Rocastle then went on to feature in the Premier League for Leeds United, Manchester City and Chelsea, before later playing in the Football League for Norwich City and Hull City and finishing his career in Malaysia with Sabah FA. Rocastle also played for the England national football team, in all earning 14 international caps for the Three Lions.

Arsene Wenger has described him as a “a modern player, because the revolution of the game has gone on to more technique, and more skill” and as having an “exceptional dimension as a footballer”. Rocastle is seen as a universally popular, iconic and legendary figure by many fans of the Gooners, with his name being emblazoned upon that of the club’s Emirates Stadium.